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Mima J Rose: Halo Braid


Just to prove that I am an Angel, I decided to plait myself a Halo Braid.


If you can do a french plait you can do this.

All you need is LOTS of bobbypins, optional sea salt spray, basic plaiting skills and some hairspray.

1. Split your hair into two sections, (like you are going to do pigtails). I spritz with sea salt spray to add more texture and I find it allows my hair to hold style better.

2. Flip your hair upside down and with one section begin french plaiting upside down- easier than it sounds! When you get to the top curve it to the middle and pin in place. By the end it will look like a normal plait and you can put it in place. By doing it upside down you get the effect as seen on the right photo.

3. the next side do a smaller plait this time from scalp to tip, so normal. tuck behind and clip into place. I did some pinned curls at the back to finish the look. 

4. Secure with bobby pins and lots of hair spray.

5. Tada- a halo hairbraid. If you want I can break this down into individual photos, it can be quite hard to do it just through read instructions.

I absolutely love plaits for summer, I can imagine strutting my stuff on the beach with this look, or rocking it out at a summer festival.

If I can do it, Its super easy, so try it out.

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